Welcome to my blog!

Hello There! How are you doing? Fine right? Awesome!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kaothar Kemi Afolabi-Olaniyan.  I am a  Muslimah , Daughter, Sister, Wifey and Mum to 2 boys.

I am the founder and Team Lead at Hibah Marketing and Media a digital marketing agency where we help business connect and communicate with their clients to build a relationships and tripple their income.

I am a business coach, I help women start up and grow their businesses helping them discover themselves and leveraging on their skills, passion and talent to generate an income for them within 90 days or less.

I am also the founder of Hibah Naturealls , where I help women attain their best health status with sales and production of natural healthy food items and supplements, body care products and via HIJAMAH (cupping therapy)

I can go on and on about myself , but let me just stop LOL.

Expect the best from this blog, I will be sharing alot of goodies pertaining to all that I have described myself as and a whole lot more.

I promise you the best, Merci!

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